Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello again!

I thought that I should tell a little about my self. This summer (2008) I finished my B.A. in History and American Studies at the University of Wyoming. Now I am starting on a Post-bachelors degree in Secondary Education in Social Sciences from Chadron State. My goal is to be a high school history teacher. I love history and I love to teach. I want to help kids to love history too! Well that is about it about me. Thanks for reading!



Hello all!

So first I should say the purpose of this blog. I want a way to record all of the "phases" that I go through with my love of history. I have never been a person that has loved one period of history, I just love history. I go through phases of being really interested in one time period or another. I will read or watch something or take a class that peaks my interest. This is a way for me to track my love for history and what I know and where I read it. If you want to correct something I say or suggest some reading that would be great! Other wise thanks for reading!!